Trader Reviews

With the growth of our Marketplace, we want to help build a space where everyone can openly view and share their feedback on other traders.

If you’re involved in transactions within the Marketplace, we encourage you to create your own topic, introducing yourself to the trader community!

Note: your topic’s title should be your “Username - Reviews

Once you create and publish your master-topic, others can reply to it, leaving you a review.

To maximize the visibility of your reviews, we invite everyone to take advantage of our ‘Featured Topic’ addition and add the topic to your profile user card:


To set a ‘Featured Topic’:

  • Go to your profile preferences here.
  • Scroll at the bottom of the page and click ‘Select a New Topic’.
  • Find your trader reviews topic or paste the URL, select it, and save changes.

I like it :metal:t3:

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I don’t know if I did it right. My link brings me back here… :rofl:



You can create a new topic in this category called Inkmom - Reviews, and then link that to your profile.

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With Lukas’ help I think it’s good now :slight_smile:


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How can I make my trader review?