Trying to troubleshoot issue with mobile site

This happened to me twice yesterday and I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on. I just got a new iPhone 12 Pro last week. I was placing some bets yesterday and a couple that I placed were placed for 10x what I was trying to place. Usually when I place the bet, I place for what I’m trying to win, so for a -110 game, I’ll put $25 in the win box instead of $27.50 in the bet box. I took a screen recording this morning of the issue happening.

I would place the win amount into the win box and then after a couple seconds, I would get another 0 added. 23 seconds in, you can see me hitting the backspace button TWICE, yet it’s only backing up one space. Another zero gets added.

Having the backspace button on top of the submit button isn’t a very good spot for it because if you have large fingers like myself, it could be very easy to hit the submit button instead of the backspace and have your bet submitted.

Now, I’ve been going through tests with this phone all afternoon and brought it into the Apple Store this morning and they don’t see any issues with the screen. I don’t see any other random clicks on other sites, so I was wondering if you guys can help me troubleshoot if anything is going on with the mobile site that can be causing extra button clicks to happen, or button clicks that are happening to not be accepted by the site.

The two bets that were affected yesterday were 20121229575570 and 20121229662755.

Unfortunately, these were live bets that I didn’t have a chance to cash out when the mistake was seen, but you can clearly see that the UI is either adding phantom button clicks and not accepting button clicks that are entered.

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