Trying to withdraw but have to wager $0.29 due to Anti Money Laundering (AML) policy; but can't wager less then $0.50

Hi All,

I am trying to withdraw $xx.29 and receive the Anti Money Laundering (AML) policy reference that I have to wager $0.29, however the minimum wager is $0.5. Can I just wager $0.5 and satisfy this policy? I’m a bit nervous wagering $0.5 as I don’t want this to “reset” my wager and now I have to wager everything in my account. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks you.

Yes you can simply wager more than that and it will still count.


Wager 20 cents in “a night with cleo” and wager 9 cents in 10 x Vegas or 5 times Vegas -the 3 wheel slots . You can wager 20 cents in pretty much any casino game or 25 cents .


Play the numbers game In Sportsbook and martingale the over under odd/;even or something similar . You can bet 50 cents and you will get a winner within a couple numbers . It’s simple to complete that rollover- i don’t get why u wouldn’t just make a couple more small sport bets but anyway good luck man.