Update Same Game Parlay Max Payout

I see all of these other sportsbooks with potential max payouts for same game parlays or prop parlays in the tens of thousands yet Bovada’s max payout for these types of wagers is $4500. Please look into increasing the max payouts of same game/prop parlays. This limit also limits the # of times a player can be added to a parlay.

For example, if I add a player TD prop to a parlay that has a max payout of $4500, I can no longer add the same player to another parlay.

I hope Bovada updates their policies on these types of plays to keep up with their competition.


Just to clarify is this in the prop builder or the game props menu?

I am referring to the prop builder, which is similar to other books “same game parlays”

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Just as a note the Prop Builder is sourced from a third party so we are a bit more limited in what we can change on it. Though obviously I would assume we can still pass along feedback in this regard.


I would hope the max payout could be looked into. I salivate when I see others hitting $20k+ prop builder parlays on other sites. Will that ever happen to me? No, but I’d like to throw my money away at the opportunity to do so heh.

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My prop builder is broken after I hit a few…made a 8 game player prop parlay and it was paying out @ + 3200 odds…how does that even make sense

Edit: this only happens for NFL for me

This could definitely make sense if some of the lines were within the same game. Note that correlated items would minimize the payouts significantly.

This is pretty ridiculous. I have no pending prop builder bets yet I can only max bet $2.09 for a +4784 parlay which consists of players earning TDs. Whereas your competitors, for example FanDuel, allows
for ridiculous same game parlays for +70660.

Prop builder needs a major overhaul with calculations and max limits or else a lot of people who use your competitor.


Sometimes if you leave the builder and refresh it changes man

Good tip, thanks. It was working a little bit but it seems buggy more often than not.

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Very buggy I agree but the refresh helps sometimes

Either way, the max payout for prop builder here is around $4500, they need to increase the max payout to compete with FanDuel’s same game parlays

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I agree with that forsure man !

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Like, I know this is a no shot in hell parlay but I would at least love the opportunity to bet it at Bovada.



Just adding onto this suggestion. It would be beneficial for Bovada to invest money into building your own Prop-Builder / Same-Game Parlay functionality to compete with your competitors. I hope this does not fall on deaf ears.

Another frustrating thing that happens is that the max payout sometimes reverts to $100 randomly while you’re building a parlay and when you refresh the page, you lose all of your entries and you have to reenter every single play. Very frustrating.

Finally, a reminder that the $4000 max payout on these plays is way too low and does not compare to other sportsbooks.