User interface of site - Quick bets, color scheme and total line cash outs

You cannot place Quick Bets of $25, $50 as you could in earlier site.A gambling site has to be BLACK in color to avoid strain on eyes.
There should be ability to Cash Out Total Line bets too.

The old site was better any given day, but we are willing to embrace new.

I am in software and also a avid gambler. You should give your beta tested sites to me, so I can do some real testing.

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Thanks for your feedback.

For future suggestions, I’d recommend dedicating a separate post to each idea so that the community can follow any updates about them more easily.

I’ll pass on your suggestion to include quick bet options, any updates will be posted in this topic.

Regarding the color scheme, I understand your concerns but at the moment there’s no plans in place to change this.

We’ve actually already got a topic about cash out for total lines, so I’d recommend keeping an eye on that.

avid gambler but didn’t know basketball lines include OT … hockey n nfl is too

We’ve reviewed this suggestion, but at this time there doesn’t appear to be much support for a quick bet feature, so it’s not something we’ll be pursuing.

@HoopLinesStuck Just dropping by to let you know that we’ve revisited this suggestion and we have recently launched quick bet suggestions on mobile devices.

Finally, but it is not good enough.
It is good to do a Quick Bet, but if I want to enter a different amount, I have to click on the numbers twice now… Its a waste of time