VIP weekly/monthly promotions

I would suggest you guys improve your vip system to actually reward your higher tier players better then a 1-1 point conversion and crappy deposit bonuses, cause this site literally has the worst when it comes to VIP player promotions…multiple other casinos gives 20 free spins daily or 100 free spins to people who make a deposit during the week plus a free 10-50 dollar chip whether you made a deposit or not, just based on your vip lvl, and some all 3 just based off level and whether you made a single deposit that month. Oh and their cash back programs aren’t based off when you last got a Cashback from losses. It’s just based off the last week, Sunday to Saturday. So please update do something to show appreciation for your players or continue to lose them to other casinos that actually give a damn or atleast pretend too.


Can you guys add the valorant games / cs games for the major and iem cologne please I wanna place my parlays before bed this is killing me

They are tomorrow morning and still not available to bet on

Lol, they won’t do anything about it.

99% of suggestions in this forum go in one ear and out the other.

It’s just a place for us to vent but no changes ever happen. @moderators, prove me wrong. Please provide the total # of suggestions from players and how many of those have actually been implemented.


Yea, been noticing that. Was once a great place to play. But then got complacent and stopped caring about retention. Sad to see. Deposited 4k last week and when I ask for a free bonus, “sorry our system shows you not eligible for one atm” but here’s another crappy deposit addon for you… Even though all of that 4k was without a bonus…come on now.


The fact that they blatantly promote that the levels don’t mean anything is just a slap in the face to us players. I mean it’s still on the website and anyone with half a brain can tell that all of these levels are the same regardless of how many points.