Voided bets only for Me

This might be a bit of a new one, and the supervisors weren’t too helpful so here I am. Sorry for the ramble in advance.

Today there were a few wagers that I and a few others placed, and they were voided. Later they were unsettled, so I figured they were cool to keep going. I find out after the game that my original bets were voided a 2nd time, but no one else’s were.

Bovada not only pays out the same wagers, but sends a note saying they are honoring the bet as part of their stance on valuing customer service. Why then, I ask…were mine not counted as wins?

Here’s a photo of one of my bets voided, and someone else who took the same bet cashed. Another person got the message I mentioned before from bovada. Mine should be honored as well, I did nothing different!?!

If someone could please assist me and correct my wagers to match everyone else who took the exact same bet, I would appreciate it. Thanks. You can see the time stamps on both my void and the other individual’s winning wager…makes no sense, same bet an everything (I’m east coast, he’s west coast fyi)

damn nice find!

i would imagine your ticket would have been a Loss if he did get an int haha

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It’s a nice find but I didn’t get a single cent :confused: I should be paid out like everyone else was

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you should, according to the email “if the conditions were met”

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I know of multiple individuals who bet the same thing, they got paid. If we took screenshots of the time of bet, odds everything…im the only one voided, they’re not.

Before I bring in someone like SBR, I just wanted to see if they would honor it. Seems pretty straightforward, but I’ve never dealt with this before…do you know If the mods are helpful here?

Bro bovada is ■■■■ed up. They graded multiple games for me in the middle of 4th quarters. Games still going. I’m like how is that possible!? Notre dame Marshall game as well as a basketball friendly yesterday. And it’s no mistake, games are fixed and they do everything to cheat you out of money because they lost their asses on Bitcoin. That’s why bovada sucks. But if you bring in SBR let me know I’ll I’ll some more on to Bovadas bullshit.

I’m probably going to bring them in yeah. The Bovada Twitter team was rude and said all bets were voided and that I was “having trouble grasping the situation”, basically gas lighting me. I have physical proof they were not voided for many others on the SAME bet at the SAME time. A shame that this is happening, it’s life-changing money that makes no sense as to why I’m being treated different.

I get that it’s a line error but if you’re honoring the bets for everyone else, it should actually Apply to everyone.

Hopefully a mod can assist me more before I head to SBR?

Maybe it was based on a cut off time as to when the bets were made, your screenshots dont really show when the bets were made, only when they settled. So maybe they were aware of the line error at a certain time and decided everyone who put it in before was honored, while all others were voided. Id imagine there would be some time between when noticing the error and letting the 3rd party know to correct it.
Best of luck to you buddy, hopefully you can get something figured out.

Mods are very helpful here. @Ryan_Bovada would be a good one to get with next time he is around.

Nah I can provide the time stamps as well! So everyone that I know of bet it, then it was voided, then unsettled about 90 min prior to kickoff. Then 1 min before kickoff / at kickoff my bets were voided again, theirs stood. I didn’t want to complain til after the game to see if they honored everyone else’s bets.

If I have to bring in 15 screenshots matching reference numbers for me and other players who took the same bet but have different outcomes/messages from bovada, I will happily do so. This is life changing money.

Bovada is known to be one of the more reputable sportsbooks out there, and it would be quite scummy to pay some people and not others for the same bet, same lines, same timestamp.

How much does life change with an extra $150??

My friend, it’s +650 odds wagering $150 and there are 5 wagers…it’s substantial.

The whole voided and unsettled thing doesn’t matter too much, I am only speaking to when the bet was actually made. And you sound like you’re right and yours was mixed in with all the others. Maybe they based it off account activity or level? Or something else.

My main point: It was a line error. They should have voided all the bets and left it at that. And I dont necessarily agree that if some received the exception, everyone should receive the exception. Im not asking for all my voided bets with line errors in the past to be looked at because your friends were able to get some.

Good luck to you though. Dont blame you for being upset, but you clearly knew what you were doing when you made the bets.

Damn. That’s why they voided the bets. That being said, I wish i had seen that!!!

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Look I totally understand, but my issue is the double standard. It seems completely f’d up that you would grade a particular wager(s) different for different people. And trust me, I’m no insane account level lol. I just don’t get why I was punished and no one else was, and if they send a message saying they are honoring the lines…why are mine not included?

lol for the record, I am upset I ddint see it and try it out too!

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I know people who wagered the exact amount as me as well, so it’s not that

Outside of account level, time stamps of when the actual bet was made would be my first place to look. Actual placement, not settlement and resettlement. If yours was placed after all the others, I would think that might be part of it.
But thats just me guessing. Hopefully it works out for you buddy.

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I think I can show it was placed before some that stood, I’ll try to get that information. You’re right, that would bolster my claim.

@James_Bovada might be able to look at this and talk with you via PM too.

i’m speculating but do you know if the other ppl were in a deposit bonus and youre not?

it would seem likely bovada would grade those within one as a W and those without as a L so they cant instant withdraw :joy:

pretty much a playthrough requirement on their error