Wager has not paid out

I have not been able to bet on sports since 6/05/22 because my account has not been credited my winnings. Very disappointed in the fact that you guys were being hacked and continued to take deposits but when it’s time to pay it’s still not in account. Waiting for the compensations that I read about for the inconvenience. I also took pictures of the bets that I would have won if I had my money in account. Also I asked for a 1000 withdraw and I have no idea where the money is because it’s not in my account and not in my possession. Please help?

Alejandro Felipe

Series bet

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Your bet above is for the Warriors to win the series, not just the game. Moderators can help with the other items.

Thought I bet game two Warriors to win. I already bet Celtics to win series. lol wtf, i guess I can’t lose.

Here a picture of my request. First time I ever asked for money to be sent to me, so didn’t know how to.

I am unfamiliar with using MatchPay. @moderators will be able to help you though.

This would actually be quicker if you reached out specifically to Matchpay, did you not receive payment for the transfer? This was all the way back on May 16th.

Have not received payment, And have been unsuccessful to reach anyone to this point.

I would reach out to Matchpay to advise them that you didn’t complete the payment. Note that is though a confirmation button to state that you received funds. The payment wouldn’t have been sent unless you confirmed.

I don’t know how to navigate matchpay so it’s very difficult to ask questions specially without a phone number or a person to chat with. Is there a number that you might have to reach someone in person? Tx

Unfortunately not, you do need to use the chat function on the website.