Wager placed at wrong odds

I placed a wager and it placed at the wrong odds.

I hit submit at +185 but it when it was submitted showed me +110.

May not end up mattering anyways lol

Live lines and the movement of them can cause the line you first saw and added to your betslip result in changing based on the game prior to clicking place bet

I understand that, but right before this, It did not let me place a wager because of the line movement. Why does it allow the bets to go through when the line moves sometimes but not every time?

But it won’t matter anyways

Im really wondering why you guys graded my Mandy Bohm Victoria Lenoardo go the distance bet wrong. I even had $20 on Victoria Leonardo and she won by decision. I had the fight to go the distance on a parlay and you guys graded it a loss?! I dont understand??? Ill ive ever done is do say good things about bovada and refer all my friends to yall and yall even took away my ability to refer friends and never even explained to me??? I dont understand what the problem is with me but please help me out here for crying out loud!