Wager settled as Loss

I have placed a bet on a cricket match Score Over/under.

As soon as I placed the bet the match had interrupted due to rain and the innings has declared with out a next ball being bowled.

Since I placed over BOVADA has settled my bet as a loss.

I request you to review and give my risk amount back.

Wager ref# 22081571862183

You can find scores in the below link


CC: @moderators @Mikey_Bovada

Hi @Reddykartheek72,

We will check on the details of the wager and reach out to the Sports Team for details pertaining to the settlement of the wager.

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We have received confirmation from the Sports Teams that the wager was appropriately settled in line with the Cricket Betting Rules, which are posted on the site. According to the rules, once 80 percent of the original game is played, the wager counts; if less than 80 percent is played, the wager is voided.

Hey @Mikey_Bovada and @moderators

Could you please add a 100$ cash bonus, I don’t have funds to make a deposit today.

Would like to play some cricket