Wager Settlement Dispute

9/14/22 James Tavernier 2+ Tackles is my wager. This was in the Napoli Vs. Rangers Match in the UEFA Champions League. Reference numbers are below.

Ref. PROPS-56636339
Ref. PROPS-56636865
Ref. PROPS-56636352

Below is the official data provider for European Competitions, listed here is 2 total tackles.

WhoScored is another reputable website that lists 2 total tackles.

SofaScore is yet another reputable website that lists 2 total tackles.

Bovada Live Chat referenced me to some random website I’ve never heard of called soccerstats.info and it is the only website that lists only one tackle. Despite referencing 3 sources including the official data provider for the league itself, Marlon in Live Chat refused to do anything about my wager. Joined this Forum hoping someone else could help out here.

Welcome to the Community @Crpfeiffer24!

I do understand your frustration here, but note that the site they provided you is the official source we use to grade these wagers as per our rules in the prop builder:

Ultimately since it’s part of the rules this supersedes any other source.

Why does some random website override the official data provider for the league? And how is it fair to the player that this site is the only source that displays one tackle, while multiple other sites display something else.

It is fair because it is in the rules albeit unfortunate. Ultimately the bet you made is based on this website. I’m sorry if they got it wrong but it’s also possible that the sites you’ve recorded are incorrect as well. This is why we need to have clarification.

Remember that we’re not grading this solely for you. If we didn’t follow the rules set out or ignored the official source we advertised the players that had the under would obviously have a legitimate complaint as well since it’s shows as 1 on our official source.

This site could be blatantly incorrect about what happens in a game and yall would just follow it no questions asked despite every other statistical source stating other wise? How is that right?

The better question is why the hell do yall use some random sketchy site to grade wagers instead of the official data provider of the league itself?

I am not sure why they use this source but the prop builder is a third party so this is what they’ve decided to use.

So just to confirm, when I place a wager in the prop builder and I watch the game and see my bet hit, and see multiple sites including the official data provider for the league also say my bet hit, I still have to make sure the one random website Bovada uses also has the same thing. And this site that has no info on it of where they pull their stats from could list anything.

And you’re also saying that I could provide video evidence from the game showing both tackles, and yall would still only follow this one website?

When a rule clearly states that we follow the stats from a certain source it is somewhat set in stone that we need to use that source for better or worse. There is just as much a chance that this could work in the other direction as well. I’m sure there are players that bet this players under that did in fact get graded as a win.

The Under was not an option for this bet Ryan… The bet is 2+ tackles.

It still doesn’t really change the first statement. Again don’t get me wrong here, I understand where you’re coming from if you watched the game and saw 2 tackles and thought you won the bet. However ultimately again we do need to go by what is clearly in the rules. I would keep an eye on the website, as hopefully if it really is the case that this player had 2 tackles they might update this when official boxscores come out. This is pretty common in other sports like football and basketball when official boxscores get released.

There are often stat corrections, but they’re not reflected by this site. After the game most sites stated 1 tackle, but then shortly after it was corrected to 2 but soccerstats.info did not. In the past, I’ve also noticed this that when other sites have stat corrections they’re not shown on soccerstats.info and I’ve never seen a stat changed after the fact on soccerstats.info. Given this bet had no under option, this site could say a player had less tackles than he actually did and everyone who wagered on the players tackles would lose.

Its been 2 weeks, Ryan. If this crap website hasnt updated it yet, it isn’t going to be updated. And Bovada would definitely not be rechecking it to fix it themselves, thats for sure.

I would be upset too if I were you @Crpfeiffer24, but those rules are the rules. Bovada is gonna hide behind their 3rd party prop builder and their garbage rules regardless. Probably best to realize this and adjust accordingly and take your business elsewhere, or be prepared to accept things like this.


I also had this James Tavernier 2+ tackles bet. When I first started taking soccer player props a year or two ago, if I noticed a bet graded differently from the stats I saw, I was told by Bovada live chat to check Sofascore. Well now Sofascore agrees that he had 2 tackles and I’m being told to check “soccerstats.info”. I understand that your rules state this is the official source but it just seems kind of strange that the policy was changed from a very reputable source to some random website with no information on it. Even if this bet won’t be graded correctly is there a way for this policy to be reviewed? I’ve noticed this site being wrong many times in the past as well, compared to every other official site.

I will definitely pass feedback along on this subject. Though I would assume these were different types of wagers. Since the inception of the prop builder this has been the rule. We do sometimes use other sources for our onsite wagers, but this is the prop builder third party rule. We have our own official sources that we use, but generally default to sites like flashscore or sofascore to check if there’s an actual discrepancy.

I actually was referring to bets on your prop builder, of the exact same type as this one. Back when I started placing them and asked the live chat about a couple wagers, I was told I should check them on Sofascore. Somewhere down the line they began telling me to check soccerstats.info.

Is it true that bovada gives “dual lines” to who they deem as experienced gamblers?

This is crazy. You can win a bet on here but if the stat is incorrectly graded by the site they use then you just have to suck it up and take it as a loss? What are you doing Bovada??