Wager settlement

Ref. 23021689882500
It says Chattanooga lost when they won by 20 points.

How do I get the funds because the ticket covered the spreads

The wager was placed on second half and it didn’t cover the spread I’m afraid.

Please settle- Ref. 23021690482426

Checking on it right now.

Just settled Mikey - thanks!

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ref. 23021690588299 Thanks

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I can see that it’s already settled. Congratulations!

Hello. This wager was settled incorrectly. Can you please have them void it as Lillard did not play last night. Thx. Ref. 23021694172652

@Wdof81 we’re checking this with sports.

@Wdof81 as it was confirmed with the sports all listed in the wager played and Mitchell didn’t eclipse his points target.


Plz notify sports team

Same Jesus Christ what’s with all the issues today

Ref. 23031708604844


Par for course. Think.they do it on purpose and know some folks wont notice


They play games. This has become a joke of a site. A scam! … i never win and last few days im playing horse racing and hitting some races in a row but what i notice is they stop grading them as soon as i start winning than i have to go to cs and thats an hour mission to get them graded. Or it would take a very long time. Only happens when im winning. Ive taken 80% of my business elsewhere and i think its time for the other 20%

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You think that’s something,check this out!!! Graded other customers live wagers as a win but told me the rules wouldn’t allow my win. Same rule just certain customers get different treatment. Proof Below!!

@savagegeezer It has been resettled.

@0ny_123 this is resettled as well.

@YoFavBarber Can you please share the wager number?