Wager Settlements 2

Continuation of Wager Settlements - #2514 by Paul_Bovada or inquiries related to sports wagers that need to be settled.


I wanna cancel my prop bet please it added a player I didn’t put on there

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Can you provide the wager number please and we will see if we can get an exception for you

Where do I get the wager nunber ?

It’s the reference number.
look at your open wagers and just confirm if this is the one PROPS-46394500

Yes that’s the one

This is the one

I need it canceled please

@Pacothamacc We’ll have a look and send you a PM

Ok thank u

I did a two game parlay and one of the games was graded as a loss when the point total was 128 and I had under 128.5. So the parlay should have won.
Please fix this.

It would have went to overtime lol


It looks like over 128 points were scored @michaeljsmith from what I found here

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I was told before that the overtime/ 5th quarter did not count to the total for over under in these esport matches. @Matty_Bovada

Yes, Overtimes would count on all game total over/unders across all sports.

Ok. Also still waiting on this one to be fixed 22041509427540
Under 122.5




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@michaeljsmith it looks like you have the wrong link as thats for another match. Your wager was on this game here

There are atleast 5 bets where bets are not settled.
Someone should look at it
All basketball live line except few are frozen too

We’ll have it looked

Ref. 22041509768233
Thanks @moderators

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