Wager Settlements 2

Ref. 22041517123320
This wager took over a minute to place and by this time there had been 2 other points scored, at which point I obviously wouldn’t want to place this wager anymore. The line didn’t shift and it placed at -7.5 when the current lines were already at -5.5. Both the lines, odds, and score were all off by about a minute. I request this wager be cancelled. Thanks. See image.

I’m afraid we cannot cancel settled wagers.

Given the circumstances of the score and line not updating, as well as the wager hanging for so long you should cancel the wager. It’s not fair. It was an stale line that shouldn’t have been available at the time it was. You can check. Also I didn’t get reward points for any of my wagers recently, despite having $400+ Cash balance and only $41 bonus funds.


We’ll take a look and send you a PM @michaeljsmith

I had a question regarding a live bet I recently placed today. Wanted to see why it didn’t clear.

@Jawuan25 We’ll send you a PM

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It looks like the under would be the winning side:

You’re correct. My bad!

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Brand new to the forums so forgive me if this is out of place. I placed a NRFI on the second game of the NYM SFG double header today. Bet cleared at 7:05 saying I lost when I should have won. Can I PM someone to discuss further?

@jballen5 we’ll send you a PM



Hasn’t been graded

This has now been settled.

There was no payout for my 2 game money line parley with fc Cincinnati and DC united. And both these team won and it reflects as a loss on my account, please can someone from admin sort this out?

Hello Haven’t heard anything from admin yet

There are no moderators online, but for future reference use the “Wager Settlements 2” thread if you want a bet settled / graded differently and include the reference number of the bet. They can’t help you with a post like this @ayodejimo if you don’t tell them which bet # it was.

Thanks I’ll let them know in the morning

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Hopefully the site is still here in the morning. Last time they had “site maintenance” it took the site offline for 3 days lmao

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Hi @ayodejimo,

This was correctly settled Cincinnati v Pittsburg was 0-0 at the end of regulation time.

Ref. 22041517493485
+1500 money line placed on Pelicans from last night has not been settled.

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