Wager Update resolution

Would like to keep a wager that has a date of play dispute. Mod please assist.

Hi Matthew

Our Sports Team would like to inform you that, your wager on 23091812656336 had a Line Error because of an incorrectly listed date.

Kindly note that your wager/s will be voided, as per our Betting Rules wagers placed with the incorrect dates should Cancelled. The date listed on the wager(s) was September 15th, when the games are for September 16th. Should you desire to keep the wager, please contact us and let us know immediately or we’ll proceed to have the wager(s) cancelled.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Should you have any questions regarding your wager, please do not hesitate to visit our Bovada Community for further details.

Warm Regards,

Bovada Customer Service

The wager will have action.

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