Wager Updates April 25th, 2022

Golf - Mexico Open - Daniel Berger Withdrawn before the start of play. All bets void


Before Masters i called because i wasn’t sure if Tiger"" was going to play because of injury"""

Customer Service said if i bet and he didnt play i would lose bet.

Curious if im missing something

Per our golf rules; it would depend on the wager you’re placing. Futures have action regardless if they tee off. Outright wagers would be voided if they don’t tee off

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Forgive me ignorance.

I called few days before and Tiger was 50-1 odds to win I believe, so it wasn’t
like if i was betting 3 months out.
So im assuming that wouldn’t be considered Future bet.
I don’t bet much golf , just curious if im missing something

Yes so it would be in the specific Future section if it was:

But even if it wasn’t a future; if he hits just one shot and then withdraws because of injury; the wager would be a loss

Thank you for clarification

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