Wager Updates June 12, 2022

Pirates at Reds Live Feed had incorrect score (6-3 ATL, actual score 5-3 ATL) between 4:00pm and 4:09pm ET. All spreads/run lines during this time have been voided (ML and O/U were off the board already)

Confused here ryan as a lot of us have been told the scoreboards aren’t official on bovada…which has led to losses personally and I know with other

This is from the sports room, and is their feed as opposed to the scoreboard. I think in this case the actual line itself was also affected by this in other words. They were providing lines with the score at 6-3 as opposed to 5-3. Normally the actual line isn’t affected when the scoreboard is off as this is updated last and the lines go according to official sources. In this case the lines were being offered with the actual wrong score.

Thank you for clarifying Ryan! It is appreciated

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