Wager voided when they hit, but marked as a loss when it doesn’t?

I have 2 separate instances of wagers that have been graded differently when one of the legs should void. Image attached will show the bet with the Kwan leg marked as a loss even though he didn’t start, and it should be marked as a void, but yesterday I had a parlay with Wilson, and William Contreras HRs marked as a void even though one of the legs hit, just because a player didn’t start? Nah. If we’re going to grade things, we’re going to grade them consistently. How do I go about getting this fixed? To be bluntly honest. Having different rules for bets placed on the prop engine vs outside of it, is the most backwards, unfair, and scandalous thing ever. How about we stop outsourcing SGPs to “Prop Kingz”, and offer SGPs outside of it instead? Unreal stuff, if y’all don’t win, y’all will look for ways to make us lose.

Here’s the previous bet marked as a void under the same circumstances even though one of the legs did hit.

Now I’m being told by CS that if one leg is “no action” the play turns into a single, but only when it applies to a loss, not a win? Different ways to grade a similar play, and basically same circumstances? That’s an outrageous, and unacceptable double standard.

I also have just hand this happen with over .5 hits in the Dodger game with Mookie Betts and Will Smith. Will Smith did not start so it is voided, but if he would have pinch hit in the last inning and not got a hit it would have counted. Apparently they claim if it is a two leg parlay they won’t grade it as one, but if it was a 3 player parlay and only one void it would be graded. An extremely double standard way of doing it imo.

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@HGonzo Please provide the wager reference numbers to look into this further.

They already gave me my answer. I’m sure it won’t be any different but here is mine Ref. PROPS-107639500

I see they provided you with a full answer from Props rule Will Smith did not start in Wednesday’s game against the Detroit Tigers, the settlement is correct in this case.

Reference number of the bet that should have voided: 23091817685516

Reference number of the bet with the exact same instance that was voided: PROPS-107501076

Are you saying that Aaron Nola didn’t start for the Phillies?

No, I’m saying Kwann didn’t start for the Guardians, and the bet was marked as a loss, but when Wilson Contreras got scratched out of the lineup, and didn’t play, but his brother hit a Homer, my wager wasn’t reduced to a single, it was marked as voided.

I’m short. Same scenario, bet that did hit marked as voided, bet that should have voided was marked as a loss. Absolutely backwards regardless of a gambler using the prop engine or not. Settlement rules should be the same inside or outside of it.

That wasn’t marked as a loss?

The losing leg was Aaron Nola

The whole bet should have voided the exact same way y’all voided this bet

If you’re going to turn my Nola bet into a single even though Kwann didn’t start or pinch hit, and should have been voided immediately, then turn my Contreras parlay into a win since he actually played, and hit a homer, and the other leg didn’t play.

If you get a loss on one leg or a parlay then the parlay loses.
23091817685516 is settled correctly

But if I get a win then parlay voids? That is the biggest double standard ever. That’s so out of order, and predatory.

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What win are you referring to? I’m getting lost here.

With regard to the props wager anyway, if it’s a 2 leg wager and 1 leg is void then the wager becomes void.

For Accumulators (parlays), what happens if there is a single remaining bet leg?

Accumulators will be voided and stakes returned if all bet legs are voided except for one remaining bet leg. For example, if you have a 2-leg accumulator and one of the bets is voided, the entire accumulator is voided no matter if the remaining bet leg wins or loses.