***Wagering Questions/Help***

Any questions or wager issues related to March Madness can be posted here!!

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I have a tough time opening the bracket. Every time I press enter here it just keeps refreshing and not wanting to open up.

Log out and log back in and it will work.

Is it possible to get a copy of bracket?

You should be able to access it via the landing page, please let us know if you run into any issues

I just talked to cs and was told that the play-in games count as a round in terms of bonuses being dropped in accounts, and I was wondering: will winners would be personally messaged, announced on the community, or not notified at all and just have to hope to see the bonus if they happen to get one? cs said it takes about 24 hours so I’m guessing it will be done sometime today for the play-in but was just wondering the process of how that works?

Can you ask the sports team if they will line under 0.5 3 seeds to make the Final Four? Thanks!

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At the end of each round, all players who have placed a bet on that round will be entered into a draw for the bonus. The bonus funds will be deposited 1 day after the end of the round and will be issued randomly.

All eligible players will receive an email when the bonuses have been issued, and you’ll just need to log into your account at that time to see if you won.

Have the bonuses from the play-in round been dropped in accounts already? Wondering if I’m still in the running…

Those bonuses are credited at the end of the round

Oh I talked to cs this morning and the agent told me the play-in round counted as a separate round but they might’ve been mistaken. Thank you