Waiting for bet to be voided

I’ve been waiting for this bet to be voided. Player did not play in game 1 of season. When might it be voided?

Ref. 23071784497639

Travis Kelce 2023-24 Regular Season Total Receiving Yards
Over 1050.5 (-115)
NFL 2023-24 Receiving Yards
(Game) Travis Kelce 2023-24 Regular Season Total Receiving Yards
Football - NFL Season Player Props - Season Player Specials Sep 08, 2023 05:00 PM PDT
Player must play at least one snap in the regular season for action

Last year, I had several bets voided because player (zach wilson, Chase Young, B. Martinez) did not play game 1 of season. See below for example of Zach Wilson. I bet him under and this was before his injury. It was deemed no action once season started. Moderator Ryan stated that players require player to start the season. See pic below.

I’d like to add that stipulation of 1 snap never showed up when placing bet.

If that’s the case my 3-4 bets from last year should be graded

Why are the field goal posts being moved? These props had the criteria that player played in game 1 of season. This criteria was used for the past years.

I kindly request that my 1 measly bet be voided. Thank you for your consideration.

As far as I can see, this wager is placed on NFL 2023-24 Regular Season and player must play at least one snap in the regular season for action. Therefore, this wager should be settled after the season is finished and we know whether or not the player participated.


I understand what you are stating, but I’m not sure if you understood my posts and images posted.

My point is that was not the case last year. You can see that in October of last year bets were voided when players did not play game 1 of the season.

Again, that was the case for the past couple years. If a change was made, it should have been explicitly stated. In his message, Moderator Ryan states “these before season props almost always require the player to start the actual season”

While I know he uses the phrase almost always, the statement implies that nearly all of these bets require game 1 participation which was indeed the case for the past years.

Therefore, I kindly request that my bet be voided.

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This wager states that he must play one snap.

Are any of the mods reading my messages? Please read all the points I raised

@Ryan_Bovada @Maeve_Bovada @Paul_Bovada

Please see my entire message/thread and address all the points raised.

Sept 22 - I ask specifically if there is action on NFL season player prop bets, if player does not play game 1 of season. Moderator Ryan states " These bets generally have action regardless of any outside issues, or injuries for instance. Futures always have action"

See image as evidence of discussion.

October 2022 - I have 3 bets voided Zack Wilson, Chase Young, Tenn player.
I am now told the players are required to play game 1 of the season.

See image as evidence.

Ok so at least 3 winning bets are voided, after Bovada told me that there was action regardless of playing game 1. I now understand that the player must play game 1 of the season.

Sept 2023 - low and behold the criteria gets changed for a 3rd time after I place my bet. Here is my bet

Now it’s changed to “player has to play at least 1 snap.” No where was this explicitly stated when placing the bet. In each time Bovada benefited from this change. I lost out on 3-4 winnings bets last year and now I can’t get 1 bet voided this year. And each instance Bovada benefited from the change. Does this seem right to anyone?

Whilst we understand your frustration, we would need to look at each individual wager to ensure that what you are stating stands.

Hi Mikey,

I’m slightly confused. What individual wagers are you going to look at?

Can someone address the issue of the criteria for bets to have action bring changed several times?

I assumed you were comparing wagers placed last year to the one you now want to be canceled. According to the wager description 23071784497639, your pick must play at least one snap during the regular season to be eligible for action. This would have been present from the time the wager was placed, as the descriptions as always listed on the line that you are betting on.

That’s exactly my point! It was not explicitly stated when placing bet

Last year as well. No where did it state that “player had to play in game 1”. I even inquired about that and you can see what moderator said. But 1 month later the stipulation was some how implemented after the fact.

So my bets got voided. No big deal.

But now this year it happens again which is why I’m seeking clarification and explanation.

The specifics of your current wager do state that your pick must play at least one snap, so we are unable to void it. If the other wagers did not state the same then is not the same as the one you currently have. We have to settle the wagers according to the details and criteria of the wager.

Ok By that reasoning, my bets for Zach Wilson and Chase Young from last year should be graded winners. See the reference number above for Wilson bet. No where did it say participants were required to play/start game 1 of NFL season last year. Thus, criteria for action was met and I should be paid out. When can I expect payout?

Have to completely agree here. Makes total and complete sense. Bovada doesn’t get to have it both ways. Pay this man bovada

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Still waiting for someone to clarify how the criteria can be changed frequently to Bovada’s benefit and patrons not informed to new criteria.

bump still awaiting explanation on how field goal posts keep changing. I imagine I’ll never get an explanation

What dictates action? Does player have play game 1 of season? Does player have to play just 1 min for there to be action?

You notice none of that is explicitly stated? That’s the same thing that happened with my NFL prop bets.


He would just need to play.

Do you think that should be stated when the initial bet is placed?

bump see my last question mods. Thanks