We want deposit bonus not just Bitcoin deposit bonus

This is regarding deposit bonus you guys offering me.I only use matchpay to make a deposit but every time you only give me Bitcoin bonus which is of no use as I don’t have a crypto wallet.It’s ok to promote bitcoin as we can see you invested a ton in it but at the same time you should consider other deposits too.It’s been months I got a deposit bonus other than Bitcoin.Other sportbooks offer different types of bonus every week.In chat help if I ask they say sorry we don’t have any deposit bonus other than Bitcoin.The recent way of your bonuses and the way people are losing money in casino can we assume that after crypto crash you guys are making money out of us in a hard way?


1000% agree. All of my non crypto deposit bonuses have been taken away. I deposit a ton of money every month. I have got myself in a ton of trouble depositing via crypto into Bovada in the past. I have tons of banking and IRS trouble. I personally think it is unsafe to move promoting crypto. Much safer deposit methods out there with other sportsbooks that give better deposit bonuses.

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I also would like to see a reasonable deposit bonus of ANY KIND. The crypto exclusive club is a joke but it’s not a funny one either . No deposit bonus except for one that has 30 sports rollover?? You ,Bovada opted out of all the weekly and monthly bonuses except for unlimited crypto payouts and y’all backed out of that for a while also. I like being a member but not a Bitcoin exclusive member. I bet small now but I pay a fee to buy Bitcoin THEN PAY close to 1$ to send you the Bitcoin. Then I recive it for free and pay ANOTHER FEE to because it doesn’t magically turn into money I can do anything with. Only thing a hate worse than fees and multiple fees is western union and MoneyGram,but if i have 300 to gamble I now spend it elsewhere and they put the wire fees in my a account and I have an option there to deposit with no fee until I cash out my crypto withdrawal. I prefer Bovada to most but 30 times rollover ?? Your casino rollover is not that sky high. Y’all NON crypto users be happy you can still use other methods. I’d like to just use my card if I have 25$ left on it rather than min crypto purchase with fees to send it.
And Get an easier to use suggestions box.


I finally got one (after months of not having a bonus) and it’s not crypto based but it’s got a 50x rollover! It’s just gonna sit there

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they seem to only offer 50% with 30x rollover nothing else i mean how can they not come up with something else im done with this they dont take suggestions seriously anyhow

Paul where you at? How do you guys let these real questions and feedback just sit with no comment or replay?

The bottom line here is that bonuses are discretionary. We can and do provide feedback, but we are unable to change anything that is talked about here unfortunately.

Why do they send us here then? Is it just to give CS agents a way to get out of providing in depth customer reviews and service?

Send you here for what? I don’t understand?

CS agents refer us here for promos and weekly contests usually after denying a bonus request. There’s almost never anything worth while here on The forum and the moderators are really just as unhelpful as the CS agents in chat and over the phone.

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There are weekly contests here.
If you are simply looking for a bonus and CS have said no, then we will too, we check the same things.
There is no “community” bonus that is different from anything CS would be able to provide.

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CS never answers anything, just circle talking and copying and pasting guidelines. They tell us our opinions matter and then tell us to post on the forum or read the guidelines. Nothing changes, bonuses are terrible, our voices go unheard and they make us sit on hold for 15 minutes asking about our day and weekend plans while they pretend to be searching for a great bonus because we are so vaulable, only to tell us nothing exists and our feedback is greatly appreciated and then copy guidelines again. Total joke.