Website Issues - May 20, 2022

We are currently experiencing issues with the website and our support teams are working on it now. We apologize for the inconvenience and will be providing updates here.

Will we receive compensation for the down time?


Can everyone please try loggin in again now?


I was able to finally login

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@James_Bovada I was able to log in now, thank you for the quick fix!!

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It disabled my accnt. I can’t get ahold of CS

Can you help me unlock me accnt?

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Can you try again now @ItsDSP ?

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Does not work

What’s happening on your end @Hadley? I see a successful log in about 3 minutes ago

thanks for the fast resolution!! way to go!

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It looks like I can login now

EDIT: Website isnt loading properly

I logged in without difficulty.

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Still can’t login in

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Can you please clear your browser cache and try again @Kendra1990 ?

no luck here

even after clearing cache @brian_123 ? are you able to take a screenshot of what you are experiencing?

Ok thanks for letting me know

I can log in, but that’s about it. Can’t make a deposit or bet.