Website Login issues Feb 7th

Hi all,

The login issues should be resolved now. If you are still having issues please let us know here.

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Was just chatting with CS and they said compensation will be given for today issue

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When? Did they specify. My stuff still isn’t working

Only cost me like 50 bucks… so im excited to get my 25 .20 cent spins as reimbursement

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Hopefully soon so can play with $$ tonight

Games still constantly freezing, just eating money. Ridiculous

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Same here.

Just to confirm here, you’re not having login issues, but issues with lags or freezing? is it all games and wagers or any specific games?

I have had issues all day when I was able to login. with freezing and then the game trying to restart and then not restarting and then when I finally get back in there were times when I would bet and nothing would happen (screen would go blank) and my bet would be subtracted. All games, by the way. @Brooke_Bovada @Mikey_Bovada

Lags and freezes now. Earlier in the day I wasn’t able to login at all. Had no idea it was a wider issue.

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How do I change my phone number in my profile?

Please contact live chat for assistance with having the number updated.

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By the way welcome to our Community, nice that you join the family.

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How do I talk to a live agent?

Well i hope you get some compensation so you can play tonight lmao

Has anyone heard if we are getting compensation? Doesn’t look like it

I need some money to lose!!

Thats my new saying, if Bovada doesnt give me some money for this, i wouldnt have anything to lose back to them


Hi @Willopp,

Please click HERE and scroll to the bottom and select NO you will then see the option for live chat.

Any compensation update?