Well, that really sucks…

I was live betting the Lakers/Warriors when GSW were down by about 10 and decided to bet the Golden State 1-2, 3-6 win spreads. I bet $15 on 1-2 and $5.51 on 3-6…or so I thought.

Nope. It wasn’t $5.51–it was $551. I immediately cashed out and contacted support. They said since I cashed out there’s nothing they can do, that I’m solely responsible for my wagers and that’s that. I’m going to be sick.

Also, just so we’re clear, I’m not blaming or upset with Bovada in the least. This truly was 100% my fault. I was actually riding a terrible cold steak for months. Bovada began giving me gift points more regularly and restored my account to the weekly crypto program. Without their generosity, I would have never caught fire like I did the last month. It’s been a complete 180. The way I acted towards mods during my cold run was nothing short of embarrassing. The fact they looked into this for me after some of the forum comments I made was beyond appreciated.

This post was made to serve two purposes…

  1. Hopefully my misery brings someone joy. I’ve been there. Having a bad night and seeing someone else post about their own misfortune would lift my spirits (yeah, I used to be a fairly toxic person :joy:)


Anyway, this has been my TED Talk. Best of luck, my fellow bettors, and be safe out there!

after reading this i’ve also kinda done same but i bet on wrong team and i was told in past since it’s a live bet they won’t delete/reversed maybe times have changed not sure

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They told me that since I cashed out there’s nothing they can do, which I guess implies that if I hadn’t maybe it would have had a chance to be be reversed?

My logic behind cashing out immediately was that I hoped it showed a mistake had been made, whereas if I let it go til the end and I miss by one, it would look like I made the bet in good faith and am just seeking an exception because it didn’t hit.

I was so panicked. I wish I hadn’t cashed out, as eventually Golden State came back and tied, so I imagine the cashout would’ve been close to my original stake—if not even more so. I’m just so happy they didn’t win by 3-6. I’ve been sober for a couple months now and that would have totally pushed me over the edge. :joy::joy:

Just a quick follow-up. Support were kind enough to send me $40 in reward points, and considering they could have told me to take a hike, the gesture is certainly appreciated.

So I was betting enba games, I meant to do 38 and did 388. It immediately accepted and it lost by like 30

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I didn’t even know you could CASH OUT on live wagers…? where is that option … Wish I had done a cash out on Jokic for MVP but wasn’t aware of this

You can only cash out some live game wagers. It’s not offered on props or futures.


Absolutely brutal. I wish I would’ve just let it ride like you did. Would have been exciting once a Golden State came back and tied it up. This was by and far the single biggest wager I had ever placed in my 10+ years with Bodog/Bovada and I didn’t get to enjoy a single second of it. :frowning:

Has anyone ever messed up like this and the wager actually won?

I kinda had one last week. I was live betting the Bruins/Panthers game and wagered on the third period to have the most goals scored at +500. I bet the prop thinking it was combined goals between the two teams, when in reality it was actually just for the Panthers, who had already scored two goals in the first. They went on to score three in the third and it hit. Made for quite the 20 minute rollercoaster of emotions. Haha

They would not have done anything for you either way. They won’t cancel a live wager.


I was so dumb cashing out immediately thinking they would actually take time to examine my betting patterns or something and realize this was clearly a mistake. :man_facepalming:t2::joy:

At least I recouped a small piece with the CO. Definitely disheartening heading into my favorite betting weekend of the year.

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@Minneapolis a few months ago, i placed a round robin bet on 8 nhl games for what i thought was $0.1 per leg so it would be around $25.60, instead as i tried to push place bet, my finger hit the additional 0, so it ended up being a $256 bet. I contacted live support to cancel the bet, they said nothing they could do.
Luckily, 6 of the i teams won and i won $600+
I was real lucky. Very easy to make mistakes

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I’m just glad not all these stories have a crappy ending. That had to have been a fun couple of hours for you…Haha

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@Minneapolis Scary fun!

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