What appears to be another DOTA 2 live betting bug

During map 1 the odds for map 1 were locked the entire game, and the odds for map 2 were occasionally shifting as if to reflect what was happening during map 1. When map 1 ended the odds for map 1 and map 2 disappeared and now all that’s left is a live line for the overall winner.

(Map 2 is being played right now)


Hi @savagegeezer ,

We will confirm the data with the Sports Team, as the odds for the first map were accessible when Map 2 was in play, from what I understand from what you listed. The screenshots you gave did not prove this, but we would want further information. Is it possible that you’re looking for lines for Map 2?

So the screen shot I posted was not lines for map 1. The lines you see in the screen shot are for match winner. There are always lines available for each map unless it’s the final map in which map odds are not required because match winner and final map are synonymous. Map 1 was already over so map 1 odds should not be offered (which they no longer were) however map 2 was in play and there were no map 2 odds offered as the odds for map 2 disappeared at the end of map 1. (Map 1 and map 2 odds disappeared at the same time).