What has this site become

As apart of the bitcoin exclusive, I’ve been receiving free spins and rewards points monday weekly. I normally only play on the weekends because I work during the week. This week I’ve received nothing. I was told it’s because I haven’t made a deposit this week which has never been the case in the past because I’ve never deposited monday. And still always got my rewards. So despite losing $1000 over the weekend, I get absolutely nothing back. Then I asked if a non-deposit bonus was available and he refused to even “check”

Aside from all that this site used to give random bonuses, random free spins, non-deposit bonuses and now you literally get nothing. No matter how much you play, how much you donate to this trash site, you get nothing.

What other sites are available in the U.S.? Anyone know? I’m sick of this scam


You’re sick of it yet will continue to deposit and lose. So just shut up dude.


Why even comment then creep? No one asked for your idiotic opinion. Why do you think people care what you have to say? You just sounds like a weirdo. Get a job or something freak

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9year old confirmed.

Who says “creep” anymore?

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Community page is ruthless

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Imagine being a grown man and complaining about not getting .40 cent free spins. Lol sad life

@brewcrew @NardoRS3 Be nice guys. It’s bad enough losing and then to be insulted on top of that. He’s got a valid point, he used to get free spins regardless of the bet size denominator and now he isn’t getting it anymore, hence the frustration.
Have some sympathy.

Nah I’m good

You’re not a model citizen yourself there bud

@NardoRS3 please expound