Who's leg do we have to hump to get Asian DOTA games to be added to live betting late at night?

Please. Please, please, please… find a damn DOTA guy or get your sports team to figure out a place to source the lines from. There are a million sites that offer these games.

This is going on right now and there are no live lines.


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This would of course be at the discretion of the bookmanager. I would assume they don’t get a large amount of interest which is why they don’t add it on. We can always of course request any specific lines for you.


Ok so the 6am est game is being offered except that the old issue where map 1 is locked the entire game as soon as it starts is happening. No point in even offering it.

I assume as soon as map 2 starts it will lock for the entirety of the game.

This issue has been passed up to your sports team time and time again and they have said it’s unintentional. It’s really pointless to offer DOTA matches on live betting if the maps are locked as soon as they start. This issue ONLY happens with your Asia games. I have no idea why. Your daytime game lines are unlocked for the majority of each map and fluctuate as you would expect a live line for any sport.


I don’t really know what the reason would be.
We do get requests for these kind of lines, sometimes they are approved sometimes they are not so it may be an availability issue