Withdraws are automated?

So, if withdraws are automated, per CS chat, why the hell does it take so long?

stated there were verification steps that need to happen. A computer can run all the checks needed in a matter of minutes (unless its election results). So why does it take hours?

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I been having the same problems with bitcoin withdrawal. They take a whloe day or longer to send bitcoin. The customer service is very sloppy at bovada. It did not always use to be like this. Must be under new ownership. The withdrawal process here is horrible now. They realy need to fix it. I guess they will send my withdrawal when they feel like it.


One of the “perks” is increased withdraw. 15k every 48 hours. Based on the time frame from this, 12+ hours, the max i would be able to withdraw is 10k. Every thing they do/say/promise is complete crap