World Cup Groups

And the stage has been set… The unveiling of the world cup groups is done. What does everyone think of Group B and USA’s chances?


Very excited about Group B for USA. England vs USA on Black Friday will be great!

Also excited about their chances to get past the group stage. Really pulling for Ukraine to win the playoff but definitely don’t want to face them for obvious reasons. #istandwithukraine


If you had to choose one, for my money the group of death is ‘Group C’ as Argentina & Messi on his last ride, Poland with one of the best players in the world Lewandowski and a Mexico team with something to prove all could advance on a normal year.

I do feel bad for our Northern Neighbors Canada; I don’t see them advancing out of Group F with Belgium and World Cup Runner-Up Croatia in their quad.

Looking ahead (As Americans’ do) being paired with group A is ideal; if the USA can win Group B and potentially play Senegal or Qatar in a R16 matchup I would take that any day.

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This WC will be a great opportunity for the young USMNT to get the experience needed for the 2026 WC when we’re hosting it.

@Matty_Bovada any special competition for the World Cup?

We’ll definitely get a few going during the world cup.

Not the group of death but tough nonetheless…

Iran is no slouch and Wales is pretty tough as well(if they win the playoff to get in).


I think Canada will surprise a few by getting out of the group. I can see their speed become a problem in a match with Croatia.

Usmnt for the win

I wish. I just hope we get out of the group and win a first rounder

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This is how I see it happen.

USA can and will beat Netherlands
Argentina beats Denmark
Spain beats Canada
Brazil over South Korea
England beats Senegal
France beat Mexico
Belgum beats Germany
Portugal over Switzerland


Argentina over USA
Spain over Brazil
England over France
Belgum over Portugal


Spain beats Argentina
England beats Belgum


England beat Spain on pens