World Cup Predictor!


We’ve just went live with our World Cup Predictor event. Make your picks for who you think will win the World Cup as well as each group stage. If correct you can win up to $50k!

Details and picks can be made HERE while Terms and Conditions can be found HERE!

The leaderboard will be automatically updated and we’ll do some regular updates in the Community as well!


Bumping this for visibility!


Thanks. Cool contest. I’m in and brimming with confidence. :sunglasses:

That’s what I’m talking about!!! Can we switch our picks between now and when it begins? Like let’s say last day before the game I want to switch one of my picks? Can I?

I’ll ask the team now but I assume the answer to this is yes.

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Correction actually, picks are final, so be sure of what you select before you submit.


Okay just making sure what’s the deadline by the way?

The 18th of November I believe.


Thank u one last question lol since I’m assuming I’ll be winning first place will the 50 grand be deposited in my bovada account? And will it be bonus funds? Sry for all the questions


There’s nothing in the ToC that I’m seeing about this being a bonus so I’m pretty sure it’s a cash grand prize. I would imagine you’ll receive it in your account so that you can choose which way to withdraw the funds.


Will there be a formal poll for submitting the 1 and 2 of each group?

And then will we have to figure out the matchups from then on or will you guys supply us with the map for who will play who if our people win the groups? Etc

Is this all homework on us or will we have some skeletal framework to fill out?

Just curious

I just just read and click the link

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:+1::+1:Bovada, the bracket system is sweet!!!


We’re my picks submitted?
I’m under IsraelGomez

This is a website competition, we cannot see the picks unfortunately.

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Do you see my entry? As in I’m in the contest?

As I said above this is a website contest, we have no access to this.

It should send you an email when you submit your picks and then you click that and can see

Question, what happens if I say that for example Brazil will beat Team A in the round of 16, but the team I chose to be Team A isnt right but Brazil still wins as I predicted just not against the team I thought it would do. Thanks