My wagers and winnings were taken

Thanks for your help

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Welcome to the Community. That wager number does not seem to provide any hits for me, are you sure that’s the correct number?

It seems this was already responded to you by CS. They did provide you with a site to review the results and provided compensation for any misinformation. Our sources did advise us that indeed this game was played and that the score was 21-19 and -4.5 did not cover.

ok thanks…

Why can I not withdraw my orignal money and winnings.
Money to with draw is $0.00

You used a bonus to deposit. Those bonuses have rollover requirements you have to meet before you can withdraw. - Click the bonus section and you’ll be able to see how much of the requirements you have met.

I Won a 10 Leg Parlay in was shorted 600 dollars i sent a dispute threw email in never received any type of reply back in it’s going on 2weeks . 22111628899125 is the Reference number .