Wager Settlements 2

Ref# 22101612600534

Can i get this graded?

Having a look at this right now.

Ok…thank you…its been a bit

22101612655082 Can this be graded

The wager has been settled.

Hey… I had a wager for Bradley Beal to play the first game of the season for the Wizards. He played today. Can It get graded? ref 22061555613231. Thanks so much![quote=“Ryan_Bovada, post:1, topic:608585, full:true”]
Continuation of Wager Settlements - #2514 by Paul_Bovada or inquiries related to sports wagers that need to be settled.

@noypeck will PM you.

@Paul_Bovada Can you look into this ticket for me 22101612882046. Its been over for 30 minutes and its still not graded

This is now settled.

Can you check on Ref. 22101613162219 for me. Looks pretty clear that Karlsson did end up with two points. Shows as a loss for me but pretty clearly looks like a win. Thanks!

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Checking on the wager right now.

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Got it! Thanks, Mikey. Appreciate the timely response and resolution.

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Can I get a grade posiibly

Ref 22101614354529

Please grade this

Ref. 22101614914455 Please grade

45 mins for a second half nba wager to be graded but other bet was taken immediately wtf

@Paul_Bovada Can you please check on this ticket 22101615104855 Its been over 30 min and still not graded

@Paul_Bovada 22101615104855 still not graded. Its been over 1 hour and 30 min now

@Vivian_Bovada 22101615104855 can you please check on that ticket . been over 1 hour 30 min and still not graded

All wagers have been settled.