Wager Settlements 2

Checking on the wagers right now.

Ref. PROPS-64314816 When will this be graded?

They are working on getting them settled please keep an eye on the account.

Winning parlay says unsettled??? Can somebody please explain why my pay out was just over half of what I won.

Can we have the wager number please.

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Continuation of Wager Settlements - #2514 by Paul_Bovada or inquiries related to sports wagers that need to be settled.

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So the Panthers leg was a push as it was tied.
So it will drop to a 4 leg parlay and the odds adjusted accordingly.

I thought overtime counted?

The score was 37-34

Yes they won by 3 I had the panthers winning
By 3 it’s not a push

You had falcons -3

  • Atlanta Falcons -3 (-145)
    • (Game) Spread
    • Football - NFL Oct 30, 2022 01:00 PM EDT
    • (257) Carolina Panthers @ (258) Atlanta Falcons

Falcons sorry yes had them winning
By 3 and they did

Yes, they won by 3 but you have to take off 3 as you had them to win -3

Bro I’m so sorry I don’t
Know why I misread that I do apologize thanks

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No problem at all!

Can I get this graded please Ref. PROPS-64672846

Checking on this right now.

Can I get this graded it ended on Friday. PROPS-63924426

Checking right now, please keep an eye on the account.

This one too, also ended on Friday. PROPS-63924542