1st score method prop bet

First post in community after being a Bovada member for over 15 years.

I had a series of four bets on the Arizona Cardinals first score method this weekend against Cleveland.

Arizona was shut out in the game 27-0.




As they did not score, there was no first score method and thus the bet is a push. I have had this happen at least a dozen times at various books over the years, including Bovada a few weeks ago, and this bet has ALWAYS been graded a push, as there is no option on that market for “no score”.

Below is the recent example from Bovada where San Diego State failed to score and my money was returned.


I have tried email and live support help but they have not addressed why this situation with Arizona is unique and overrides historical precedent.

Additionally, for a situation like Arizona where they had a very good chance to get shut out, this bet is something no one would ever take given the chance for all three options (TD/FG/Other) to all be graded losers.

I’ll check these

Apologies for the delay, this has been sent to sports to be checked, we are still waiting for a response.

Thanks for checking on this.

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@Urrygrande Again, my apologies for the delay. They have confirmed these will be voided, and should be re-settled shortly.

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Thank you very much, Paul!

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