55%RTP $5 spins 5k deposits

That sucks you didn’t get aggressive but I can’t blame you. I’ve been so jaded lately towards them as well.

This site has completely changed. It is impossible to win anything now on Slots. It is completely infuriating.

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Did you really type this with a straight face? :joy:

Lost another 2k after this. Last three free spins
On $1500 of losses during that time $12.00, 40.00 and $0. How the hell do these people
Live themselves. Corrupt

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Matty, I don’t think anyone that gambles expect 100% return. I think it is kind of sarcastic for you to even type this. But for you to say that Bovada gives players a 98% RTP, is simply not true. When you are betting 1,000s daily and you don’t even get a free spin on any of the slots, something is up in the water and it is not good.