65 deposits over 1800 total in 6 days and cant get free play?

Over 65 deposits totaling over $1,800 in the past 6 days and I’m unable to receive any free play whatsoever and I didn’t win any of the spins in the contest that is going on for deposits I’m just wondering what does it take to get free play and how can I get free play earned and if it’s such a randomized thing this is ridiculous and I don’t know if I want to spend another dime at a place where you can deposit $1,800 and not be rewarded with any earned free play whatsoever can a moderator help me with this please immediately


did they tell you to check your rewards page and to refer a friend?


I’ve gotten 1 free play totaling 15 dollars on my last c250+ deposits

The basic answer to your question of “how do i get free play” appears to be

Open a new account under a different name and start over anew

From all reported facts the site has switched from rewarding long time players to instead incentivizong the new players

Aside from that your level and or level of play appears to be a non factor other than its better to be a lower tier player


I’m a new player, I deposit thousands a week for six months and zero freeplay rewarded or rewards points

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They told me all kinds of stupid s*** first of all I wanted to see the standings for the top hundred people each week that are supposed to earn free spins for deposit over $20 I had 65 of them in the past week nobody can tell me who wins or what’s the standings or anything like that I’ve referred people already I’ve been on here a little over a year and I’m almost a Hall of Fame player take 1,800 * 52 and that’s what I’ve deposited in the past year the biggest cash out I’ve ever had is like 6,000 so you do the math…

I ask all the time and I get same response “nothing available right now” even though I’ve never received anything. Quite comical I actually copy and paste their response
as they are typing

Yeah unfortunately they teach these customer service reps to act like they’re smarter than the players that play these games which they aren’t and they don’t understand the amount of time and money we spend we actually pay their salaries I know that for a fact…

You have to love the “refer a friend” after they deny you. Like why on earth would i refer a friend to company that does nothing for us!


My favorite thing is if you could live any place in the world where would you live or if you could go on vacation anywhere where would you go get out of here you don’t give a s*** about where I want to go on vacation…

they are really trying to because you are such a great player the system just wont allow them

I think they are trained to have small talk and meaningless conversations.

I don’t have a problem with that but if you’re going to waste my time for 15 or 20 minutes you better get me some f****** free play and if you can’t handle the four letter words then maybe you need to go to your safe place…js. I’m talking about the customer service people not the players

they are going to waste your time as soon as you type freeplay they are trying to A) annoy you so you close the chat, or B) pretend to check your account even though they already know they cannot offer freeplay

Oh yeah you cannot put promotions as a reason you want to talk to them they’ll straight hang up on you it’s hilarious

basically they can just say no right away and that would make everyone less upset becaus e you didn’t waste 20 min talking about your favorite movie or how your weekend was

Exactly I’m a big boy I can handle a no but don’t waste 20 minutes of my time giving me a note which you know right away just tell me right away tell me that I deposit around $2,000 a week that I’m a dumbass and that I’m getting no free play that’s all I want to hear

for 2 racks you could probably buy this software its super old lol and just give yourself freeplay lol

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Right for sure the near 100 Stacks I deposited in the past 13 months would definitely buy me the software

it would buy you the entire call center that the cs works in laughing as they deny every players request for freeplay