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Hi I was just playing the slot game fortune keeper and I won a bonus game and right in the middle of the bonus game it said error and that’s I needed to reload I tried this several times and this did not work so I tried to exit out and log back in and still did not get my money or my bonus game’s

3500.00 in deposits in 24 hours. Betting $5.00 max and have a 70 RTP% What a waste of money. I have hit 4X free spins in the last day that are either $0.00 or less than the acutally bet I made on the spin than I have that have paid out 20X during the free spins. I also spun at $5.00 yesterday with $700.00 and that particular session offered me a whopping 6 % RTP. What a crock when they say they want their players to enjoy themselves while offering those kinds of numbers. Its almost as if they changed their RTP with their developers to covers lost funds from hack and btc.