Academy Awards & Razzies!

The 94th Academy Awards will be held this Sunday at 8p ET and we have created a Party Prop Sheet to coordinate all your Oscar Picks that you can download HERE!.

The Razzies also goes down Saturday and we have lines that can be found HERE.

Poor Lebron and Space Jam are both considered current favorites to win for worst actor and worst movie respectively…

The Oscars is tonight everyone! Anyone download the party sheet or have any picks!?

Bruh, Will Smith headlined tonight!!! Still can’t believe he socked Chris Rock live on stage!!! :rofl::rofl::astonished:😵‍💫

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That’s crazy; I didn’t watch it live but saw the uncensored version on Twitter; I know he’a an actor but there’s no way that was fake. Will Smith laughed at the joke, saw his wife was not (or she said something to him) and then he had to recover for her honor or whatever. I’d watch this every year if you promised there would be a fight :joy:

That was crazy last night, but Chris Rock took it pretty well considering. Hell of a night to do that and then win best actor.

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Will smith hits like a chick ! Why is everyone calling it a slap! Looked like a closed fist to me!

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Apparently Jake Paul asked them to be on his next PPV so we actually posted lines for this onsite!

Given the slap (punch!?) heard around the world last night, who else you would want to see settle their beef in the ring?

Maybe Pat Bev and Russell Westbrook or Connor and Jake Paul for me. One of those is definitely more likely than the others :joy: