Anybody else losing?

Ok I’ve gotta make a change I’ve literally done nothing in the last 2 weeks. I put money in and it snatches. It truly saddens me cause this place has been a favorite but something has to change. Anyone else??


Sickening isnt it?


Me too, I win at absolutely nothing. Can’t win a bonus spin on a slot, can’t win a hand at BJ. It’s actually a joke at this point. Not fun anymore at all


Don’t play the Bovada slots. I literally only play the bonanza slots. They don’t always hit but the win potential in significantly better. I usually play $.20 or $.40 cent bets. Here’s my wins from the last couple weeks. You’ll never win this amount with that bet size on bovada slots


Lol I can believe they keeping your slots on this long. Alot of people are losing right now. I mean for us the couple hundred wins last 20 min the thousand a good hit that you might actually get to keep some of that . Congrats though on the lower bet hits though your on a roll with them. My account freaks out if I get a little decent hit and I am for sure not getting 2 in the same session. I have slowed way down though as I would go through hundreds in days thousands in months and I mean it just wasn’t making sense with the wins so tiny.

Sometimes it doesn’t hit at all. And no bonuses lately. 2024 hopefully better.


Yeah I’ve been loosing hard! I’m done with this place; they manage your whole game play off your deposits! Completely unfair and no fun.


Not good. Is anyone winning. I stopped playing for awhile. The spins are so fast lately.


I hit a 1k win on third spin of reels XL few hours back. But the rest of the slots have been dead for the past few days

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I feel like if you make any kind of withdrawal- no matter how big or small, you’ll never see another win again for a while


You are 100% correct. If you do any sort of withdrawal Bovada will make it nearly impossible to win after that for the next 24 hours or so.

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Yes even if your down thousands if you withdrawal even your deposit back you will not win the next time are for like he said at
Least 24 hrs. Thats why i never withdrawal when have my deposit back after bonus is done. Are a 100 extra because your just going to put it back in and lose it. I end up keeping it which is no better but a lot better chance i guess to hit. I need to see for my self some wins before i deposit 4 times a week again with no withdrawals in forever except 1 my deposit back. I tried yesterday for the first time in a couple weeks maybe new year new luck lol naw.

I’m going to respectfully disagree with you on that. The screenshot shows my balance after a bonus round on a 40¢ bet. During the bonus, a single spin filled the entire screen with buffalo and only 2 multipliers and paid me $1800.00. I wish I could find the few from Celestial Gems winning $150 up to $500 betting 25¢. I can’t locate those for proof atm so either take my word or not, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is you can win amounts like that. That’s it.

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Yes lose lose lose
That’s all that seems to Hakeem 2k over the past couple of days crazy

Right!! I think this as well…

Idk I withdrew three times yesterday but can’t seem to get win today. Already put almost all back in

In 2023 I loss about 8 grand. This is not a lot for some people on this site, but it is a lot for me. I’m cutting back in 2024 because the slots aren’t hitting for me. I do a little better with the sports betting.

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Well messed up and now ain’t won nothing. Back to normal

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So the worst was I got a host bonus and I was hitting hitting … thinking finally! I will make it through a rollover requirement. I was so stoked.

NO JOKE, I got to 87% and I was up to like $2800 … lost and lost and everything … didn’t win a thing the rest of the time and went all the way down to .25 cents with like 97% left smh

Such a joke


That sucks it always does that though around 70-80%. You almost got to switch to sports even though i don’t really do sports it is better then just keep losing because you will. I dont know though i have only withdrawn maybe 2 times of a 100$ my deposit back in probably about a year with thousands lossed. I keep waiting for a switch but i guess they skipped over me i been here to long i guess.

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