Anyone Buy/Sell/Trade Pokemon Cards?

Used to play Pokémon on GBA, spectacular memories.


Thanks Mikey! Back in business!

Let me know when the R&Wxl jackpot is going to hit and I have a PSA 9 1st Ed shadowless Charizard Holo for you

No but I do have a Pokemon 2000 the movie VHS unopened sealed with the Pikachu card and Lugia coin. Literally a gem… almost unheard of. For sale. Lol

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Anyone here into magic the gathering? I got a bunch of rates for sale

Rares I meant to say

Anyone collect football or baseball cards…got a sick ja’marr chase mosaic honeycomb rookie…and an 79 topps baseball packs…

My 5 year loves Pokémon go and Pokémon cards. I’m not familiar with all the new sets but man I wish I did keep all my old goodies from the 1990s and early 2000s. My son has hit the Alt art Charizard from the newer packs and the new palkia v star . With Charizard valuing at around 600 at a PSA 10 and palkia from anywhere 30-$50 . My son gets so happy doing the openings and it just makes my heart melt just thinking man I was that about 25 years ago . He recently just today finished his radiant evolution set for Pokémon go with radiant Charizard today .

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I have some Alpha and Beta and mainly 3rd Ed. Revised. My dad has an unopened 3rd edition revised starter deck he got and saved when I was a kid. Lowest price for one on Ebay was over $1,000.00 I spent hundreds on Pokemon for my siblings, had them in card binders and everything but don’t know what they did with them unfortunately. I don’t even know if it’s worth selling any of my cards. Everyone wants a deal

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How about Pokémon marbles?

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