Anyone else having issues after 17.5 beta download?

Games crashing. Anyone else experiencing this after ios 17.5 beta update?

@Ryan97080 What browser are you using please? Also, if you have a screenshot of the issue, it can help us provide you with a resolution.

I’m having the same issues I’ve used 2 different browsers and done everything in the books that I know to try and prevent this.

Same. Constantly kick me out the games. All of them.

Same! Tried 3 browsers. Best one was firefox. But instead of crashing every 5 seconds i have to click accept for incorrect configuration. Keno still does not work. Games are basically not playable now.

@Lillian_Bovada i already created another thread regarding this issue with a moderator. They created a ticket or tried to recreate issue but couldn’t , until they dload beta 17.5 they will not have this issue. Every other device i use is fine. This is a 17.5 beta issue so i would recommend figuring out this issue before the full version is out next month and you have a lot of unhappy customers!!

Yes mine restarts every static.bovada game.

One of the same errors i get. I am just glad others are having this same issue so it will possibly get resolved now!

I guess 6 people with the same problem of virtually no ability to use the site isnt important enough for a response.

Just validates my point that admission of site problems is not in the arsenal of a moderators toolbox. Better to ignore than admit…

Guys, if this is still an issue please provide your device and o/s and a screenshot of any error and we can ask the team to take a look.

Have alreasy done all of this on a private chat with you guys! Yes nothing has changed!

Ios 17.5 beta is the problem! All games crash every 5-10 seconds of playing. Please review all info from my private chat 5-6 days ago.

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You arent going to catch people still having a problem either since we arent going to try and waste money on something that doesnt work! So you tell us when the problem has been solved. If it matters?

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You guys are freaking horrible! Good thing you’re called moderators and not customer service reps! Just giving us all the reasons we need to walk away.

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Still choosing to ignore this issue?? Why do you guys feel ok providing this type of service? I know you moderators have zero control and very limited ability to be honest with admitting any problems on this site but why completely ignore the problem until it randomly gets fixed? Why not be honest with us and communicate? I know the reason and it is very suspect but i want to hear the reason from you guys? We are 2 weeks into this issue with nothing communicated? This site and all of its conglomerates have HUGE CREDIBILITY ISSUES!

Im just really surprised you guys haven’t just closed this whole thread and acted like it never happened.

We did ask if this was still an issue several days ago and to post screenshots if so, but nobody has as of yet.

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All my casino sessions are negative , no matter the game, this is insane,

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