Anyone play Baccarat?

I like the game a bit. Beyond that I’ve worked on a strategy for many years. I don’t know anyone who likes the game enough to talk about it with me.

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Love the game. Do you think I should play side bets?

Hunting for bonuses is a tricky and expensive thing to do. It can be amazing but the odds are what they are because it’s not as common as we all wish. I have hit shoes with 19 pair bonus and 5 perfect pair that was amazing but I all 8t did was make me feel over confident. There is math behind how you increase your bets and what not to help.

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Okay I will look into it, my money management needs to get better before I play these bets

If you’d like to talk more about it or play together I’d be down for discussing the game with you.

I have a question if I get a natural 9 but win by 5 or more does it only pay out the natural ratio 1:1

i also kinda fell for the game after i learned. so i dont mess with the dragon or the big n lil. but i play the game for the perfect pair. but not one chip ill start st 1 maybe if my banks low. but if im doing good i want it maxed, especially at the end of the shoe. and stay away from the “any pair” at 5:1 ---- in stead put a chip on bsnker pair and player pair.both 11:1 those with the perfect pair all will hit together. and i bet mostly banker but i hsually try to at least make sure they cover all my bets. so if i got 5 on all three of the pair bets thats 15. i wanna beet at least that on the winner. and when im up ill throw like 4 chips on tie. but always make sure the winner bet covers everything. and when you hit that perfect one time with one chip where i said. thats 180. us if u win the hznd two
my bread and butter is the banker hitting perfect fours.

Yes. The amount you win by only matters if it gets a 3rd card on

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