Bet Payout - Bengals AFC North Champs

I bet Cincinnati to win the AFC North for the 2022/2023 season. They have clinched the division but my bet has not been paid. And it has been a few days now. Please pay the bet asap. I should not have to ask to be paid. - my reference number for the bet is 22121646108131

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From what I have seen, you will need to wait till the regular season is officially over to get paid on any future bets

I was already paid for KC winning the AFC West or I would have thought the same thing.

@Dominic_Bovada @Stan_Bovada

Can someone please clear this up asap. According to the NFL, the AFC Division winner has been declared for a few days now. It is the Cincinnati Bengals. The Week 18 game against the Ravens will not decide the division winner.

Please see my bet reference number above.

@Paul_Bovada @Vicky_Bovada as well

Looks like this was just paid. Thank you.

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Complain and get rewarded nice job OP

Sorry for the late reply. If you still have pending wagers related to this matter, please provide wager numbers and we’ll escalate them for settlement.