Bet placed at different odds

I have a bet that was placed at these odds and I took a screenshot cause this keeps happening to me…

Then in my bet slip it had different odd. When clearly above you can see the bet was accepted at the odds I bet it at. Not the odds in my bet slip.

@James_Bovada @moderators please correct this and pay out accordingly!
@Brooke_Bovada can you help me with this please?

Unfortunately this happens all the time. Not saying its right by any means either. I am dealing with a similar issue where the line placed a bet at completely changed to a different line I didnt even want! And hopefully James gets back to you. I have sent him numerous messages and he has failed to respond…

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They took care of me one time for same situation

I’ve had this happen and they took care of it but it’s very very very worrisome that people aren’t responding to the players having this issue recently

Like they’re just telling people to pound sand and you’ll get whatever line they want to give you even if it’s not the one you bet OR they play dumb and pretend not to understand what you’re saying

Luckily you have a screenshot. That will help

But we shouldn’t need to take screenshots if every bet we place to make sure the site isn’t bending us over


I agree 100% and the only reason I took a screenshot is cause it happened earlier today to me as well. Hoping they pay me out the difference! @moderators

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Ultimately the sure shouldn’t be accepting any line charges of its not the net the player was intending to make

Otherwise what’s the line of delineation?

Like if you take Balt +7.5 and the sure gives you Balt +6 and they think that’s fine then why not Balt +2.5 or Balt -3.5?

What is the acceptable amount of line movement where it should be up to the SITE to just say " yeah the PLAYER will be fine with that"

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I saw a similar post by you about this same thing yesterday I thinks exactly tho. I’m trying to bet on what I select, not the changes there after. If it’s gonna change then don’t accept the bet? And let me make a decision not just place whatever bet according to the changes in bovadas favor, because it sure doesn’t work the other way around lol

Bovada should NEVER accept any bet on a line different than what you wanted.

This happened to me on October 14th on a live wager:

The over / under was at 53.5 on the Georgia Southern/ James Madison game. At the time I placed my bet it accepted it at 53.5 -135. BUT then I check the bet slip and it says over 54.5 -105!!! They didnt ask me to confirm the new line but just gave me a DIFFERENT line than what I wanted which is complete bullshit.

Sure if they gave me the new line at 54.5 -105 I would be pissed and would decline that updated line. But I never got that chance because they didnt ask me to accept a completely new number.

I am pissed on a couple reasons:

  1. This caused me to lose what would have been a winning parlay of $460.

  2. I have been trying to get an answer for what happened and I am flat out being ignored which really pisses me off.

And yes I am usually take a screenshot which would support my rant but the one time I didnt take the damn screenshot I am being told to pound sand.


Thing is they can see when the bet was placed AND when the line changed

It’s all on their system so they 100% know without needing the screenshot but they ask for one because it allows them to tell you to eff iff of you didn’t take one


@Ahyde1114 I’ll message you.