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We’ve all been locked in our houses for the past year and a half – but these people are volunteering for more! What some people won’t do for :moneybag: - If you didn’t guess this is the topic to discuss all things Big Brother!

We’ve recently had some live lines posted HERE and will be updating this page as the season goes along.

Does anyone else watch or have any leaning towards who they think will win this season?


I need another episode or 2 before I pick my pony. I liked Frenchie until I realized he’s over-gaming.

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@Acmellow I totally agree, the past few week 1 HoH winners all used it very well, but he’s made too many promises that he had to break.

He had a great game plan, everyone is tired of seeing the buff dude win. Then he completely back tracked and made an all guy alliance. Dumb.

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Frenchie is definitely going to put a target on his back, but I like that he isn’t just sitting around and being a floater. They picked out a interesting cast this season. Thankfully a season with no returning Allstars

I am so surprised at the last odds to win. It’s going to be a member of the cookout and Derek X is still best odds?

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I’m surprised as well. I think he’s one of the better players but someone from the cookout seems locked in at this point. Course anything can still happen I guess.

Hi guys,

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Last season was one if the worst seasons I’ve watched. Hopefully this season of BB will be better.

I can’t find the BB props anywhere

Ive watched BB since Will.

@moderators , any idea when the BB bets will be available?

What kind of bets are placed on big brother

Some of the lines can be seen here.

I was advised that the lines should be active on the website later today.