Big sports win and then this

60% RTP betting $16.00 and $20.00. Lost 5k before I hit a free spins 9 out of 10 free spins paid below $200 on $20 bets. Great way to quit this casino. No coincidences!


Ugh, I hope your luck turns around soon. :slightly_frowning_face:

Lost another 3k. It’s all worth it to
Me. They want to cheat their ass off. I’ll close account for good. Actually would be doing me a favor. I got plenty of money but not
Much patience for bs like that.

I was double charged on my credit card and email
Said to go here

Let me check

Ohh I thought you were talking to me. Please disregard

They probably lost a crazy amount of their players after they were hacked. Oh sorry “DDoS” attacked :joy::joy:. Not making the same profits, they lost a sh*t ton on bitcoin. Trust there will be no good wins for 99.9% of players for a very long time to come! Close it out before your regret it! Place was trash prior to the hack

The funny part is, even the Moderators aren’t posting anymore. They are tired of lying for the company that they work for. They have no explanation of why all the slots are draining people’s bank account. :joy:

I don’t even care about the money. It’s the blatant greed. You don’t take 12k plus from some at a 35% rtp on $20.00 spins. That’s not random at all. I’m leaving this company. Hey moderator close account forever when my balance gets to $0. Saves me time from having to contact your third party customer service (who seems absolutely nothing about the business you in) people since I no longer VIP.



Last 2k featured three free spins with 10.00 bet. Got paid 31.00, $32.00, and $0. Miserable and evil greedy people

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Damn bro you bet all that money in that amount of time?? And they can’t hook you up? That’s crazy

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