Bovada Truly Changing!

Truly. And not for the better. Let me give you a few examples….

I have deposited several thousand dollars here in the last couple months…2 weeks ago I added a bonus and added $100 from my card. The bonus never came through. I didn’t realize it but reached out to support about halfway through my $100 —-around $70 is where I was actually. I know how to deposit bonuses as I’ve done that several times. The person on the other end and Support was extremely rude. I actually snapshot it all of the chat because I could not believe how he was talking to me.

He said good luck you’ll never get anywhere with this. I was trying to let him know that truly I just wanted him to look into it so that that nobody else had the same experience.

Fast forward to today….I know that people go hot and cold. But I literally haven’t hit a single spin since that matches my spin amount. Now that is wild. Truly not right. I’ve deposited $975and never profited once🤔. Happen stance? I think not! Coincidence? Doubt it!

The slots are off right now dude did you not see how much they lost with the progressive jackpots this last week

You might contact the Community Moderators at @moderators via DM and let them know / show them the screenshots of your experience with Customer Service, sometimes they have the ability to look into those matters and hopefully correct those Customer Service folks so the next person doesn’t get that part of your experience.

Ok I guess I don’t know the chain of command. It was wild though. I spend a lot of money here and to get that treatment was pretty disappointing. I guess my local casino will get some money back.

I don’t know what you mean? And is this Oroldis Chapman?!

Welcome to the community @Winbigmorgan we’re happy to have you here with us.

We’re sorry to learn about the experience you had with customer support you can send us a PM with the conversation so we can look into this.

2 wins totaling 3X my bet out of my last 65 to take me out. 61 of those spins were zeros. Yet another deposit gone.