Can’t bet on anything

I’ve tried to place multiple bets on live lines, and it keeps telling me that I have insufficient funds… but it doesn’t seem to be correct.

Your available balance to bet on sports is 75 cents

Did you get those nfl promo free spins??

If so the winnings on those are casino only


Is that a thing? I’ve been on bovada for a long time and have never had them be separate. “Free spins” winning turned into “bonus funds” with a rollover

I see it now. Dumb lol

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Don’t worry its only 35× playthrough


I was going to post my own thread, but I’ll just add it here. Beyond disappointing that for the opening game of the NFL season, not only aren’t next TD scorer odds available, but anytime TD scorers are often limited to a pool of about 3-4 undesirable players. Wtf are we even doing here?

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@GeezeMoney03 Do you still have this issue?