Cash Out Live Impossible

Anyone else find it impossible to cash out during basketball games?

Yes. The only let you cash out if you took money line. If you did a spread or over/under it won’t let you cash out until the odds that you took are the odds showing on the live betting scoreboard.
For example you take a tema at -4.5 and they are up by 5 then they go up by 10
And the live odds are -9.5. It won’t let you cash out. Then say in the fourth quarter they are up by 5 and the limes are -4.5 then you can cash out. Also when that’s the case your always cashing out for less. Only time uou can cash out with our ther issue is when. You have chosen moneyline

Yes I understand that. I am just saying that when you do have the option when it gets to the same line when you click cash out it always goes to “odds have changed” then by the time it should update the line is no longer the same.

Yea it’s usually because the odds changed

They make it impossible

They should let you cash out regardless if it’s the odds are off by a point or two

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