Casino blackjack

Why is the casino black jack so blatantly rigged? I find it impossible for the dealer to get 8 black jacks in a row or gets 21 with ease Everytime I double down or get 20 … Please don’t piss on my shoes and then tell me it’s raining… Never again with black jack


Agreed, goes into take mode, and sometimes if your able to get back to starting point, it won’t let you get past even, then takes it all.
The amounts of 20,s on first 2 cards and blackjacks for dealer is way more than to the player.
Most of the time it takes it all and the last hand of your balance the dealer will get a blackjack.
Just my observations over many years of losing in their blackjack games.


It’s crazy rigged … every time I play.


Anything Is Possible With Black Jack

Yeah it’s BAD. They obviously don’t care though. They’re a scam. There’s a 33% chance dealer has a face card. How do they here literally 9 out of 10 times? And if they happen to show say a 6, somehow they still end up with 20 or 21


Yep just used the $25 in free play they gave me on here again. Same thing as usual. I’ll double down on a 10 or 11 catch a 19 or 20 and the dealer will show a 6 flip the 10 but then catch a 5. It’s like clock work. I know what the dealer will do before it happens. Rarely does the dealer get 17, 18 or 19 unless it’s to push with you. The dealer is almost always getting a 20 or 21. Just too tough to beat.

I’d love to see you guys make videos of your play and post it. I truly want to see 8 black jacks in a row. That would be something that the odds would be so astronomical to happen, it would be nice to see it.

Not saying it can’t happen, since they shuffle the deck after every hand, anythings possible. 8 in a row I’d love to see it.

Dude just youtube it and there are multiple videos of dealer getting 8 blackjacks in a row on Bovada lmao

If there are so many videos why not post a link of one or two of them. I’ve done countless livestreams of Black Jack and never saw more than two in a row nonetheless 8 black jacks in a row. You do realize the odds of that happening are right?

Probability of Blackjack 1 time

Decks Probability
1 4.827%
2 4.780%
3 4.764%
4 4.757%
5 4.752%
6 4.749%
7 4.747%
8 4.745%

Keep in mind that the deck is shuffled after every hand, so let’s just say 4 Black Jacks in a row…

If the probability of something happening is p then the probability of it happening n times in a row is pn. The probability of a blackjack in a single deck game is 4*16/combine(52,2) = 64/1326. So the probability of four in a row is (64/1326)4 = 16777216/ 3091534492176 = 1 in 184270

1 in 184,270 just for 4 times and it gets multiplied at a much higher rate so it’s going to be in the millions…

Awaiting a legit video showing it happen here at Bovada or hell anywhere for that matter.

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If he had said Dealer getting 20 or 21 eight times in a row Id say he’s probably right because I’ve seen this quite a bit lately.

Blackjack itself? Probably not. But things lately do seem a lot tighter than usual, even on blackjack.

This I could understand. 8 Black Jacks, no way.

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I have seen the dealer get 2. 10 over and over 20… i never get 2 10 card. For 20. I saw dealee hit 3 aces in six cards drawing to a 4
To get 21. Black jack is rigged. I lost 10 hands in a row. I have never lost over 8 in a row in 25 years of playing blackjack.

The regular blue blackjack is definitely wound up tight at the moment. I’m a highly experienced blackjack player and can absolutely tell that the sequence of cards is not random not shuffled after every hand. Earlier today, the dealer got (21) 5 hands in a row with the first (3) of those hands being blackjack. BJ is a game of mathematics and those “random” odds are HEAVILY skewed in favor of Bovada. Do something about this PLEASE Bovada. I’ve been a loyal customer for well over a decade but am ready to explore a different avenue for play.

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Can’t say I had 8 in a row against me, but had 6 in a row against. on 2 occasions i had the Dealer has also gone 20+ BlackJacks before I got my 1 Black Jack.

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I can show where I’ve lost 8-10 hands in a row on MULTIPLE occasions. A lot of times at $100 a hand.

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In a session yesterday morning, at most hands being $200 per hand, out of 17 hands…the dealer won 15. I won 1 and pushed 1. :weary:

I literally had them get 5 back to back to back black jacks on me and this was after they just won (I’m not sure exactly on this part) but I’d say after playing 15 hands and me maybe winning 3-4 of those I thought for sure i would start hitting something so I upped my bet. (Never do that) bam they literally took me from a few hundred down to less than 20. Then all a sudden when I start betting $1 hands I start hitting and was able to play about 15 more hands before they ultimately just wiped me completely out! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times in fact this is damn near every time I play this game. Not necessarily 5 black jacks in a row but tons of times have they got it back 2 back and it’s always if I up my bet.

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So was playing today and started with I’d say around $120. Was playing basic strategy that you would find in any blackjack guide. Hit on 16s double down on 6s 5s yada yada. Was “winning” an appropriate amount id say. Making profit because I would double up the bet if it felt like I was due for a win. Managed to work my way up to about $165 then boom… take over mode engage. Literally lost 10 in a row. You do realize to lose ten in a row is less than a 1 percent chance over a span of 5000 hands… and i probably played around 70 hands. It was very apparent something was going on when the dealer had drew at least 5 blackjacks out of the ten hands and none of my 20s won. Absolutely rigged. AGAIN I REPEAT, IT IS NOT A FAIR PLAY GAME. Blackjack must be avoided on this website.


Yep the AI blackjack is not right. The dealer gets way more blackjacks than the player and the dealer almost always lands on 20 or 21. They show bust cards and hardly ever bust. The odds are just not right.


Why am I not surprised :rage: